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Traditional thing which I can represent the best

When you think about your country you think about…?

Show us!

If you’re +18 years old, you are welcome to take part in international contest and create your personal way to represent your country's traditions, culture, history.
Be creative, be unique!


The object you represent have to concern directly with your country, its traditions, culture, history, etc. It is your choise what you will select for representation, it is important that it will have your country‘s spirit and would be interesting, attractive, inviting, as well mach with project topic and aims.


Use the way of expression you like and represent traditional thing in the best way. Imagine that you are representing it to the guest from other country. Choose the form of expression you like the best! But it is important that final idea would be developed or represented in electronic format. The best results will be included into e. book of the project.


The competition in Greece, Bulgaria and Lithuania was organized from 1st of August till 15th of September, 2013. It was 3 different competitions on the same topic, 1 per partner country (in Lithuania, in Bulgaria, in Greece). The juri was international. The winner was 1 per country.
In Lithuania it is organized one more round: from 1st of January till 31st of January, 2014! More information about it:


The main participant or representer has to be 18 or more years old (adult). It can be a team, based of different age people too. The representer should be from one of the project‘s partners‘ countries: Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece.