Fostering cultural heritage for
bridging intergenerational dialogue,

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 VšĮ “eMundus” (Lithuanian partner -  coordinating institution) is private, non for profit institution, created in purpose to promote the knowledge society actively, while creating and developing services related to information and communication technologies, innovation and practical adaptation of education and professional and community activities seeking to ensure the quality of cooperation and unity between different generations and different social groups. Our activities also aims at organization and development of national and international training courses and trainings, contests, workshops concerned with art, handcrafts, production of methodical material and collaboration with different educational institutions, associations, public authorities, networks. Main team is composed of 4 experts and depending on the duties and works team is filled by other specialists who also have experience in management, educational and technological development spheres. We collaborate with different educational institutions, such as educational centres, universities, schools, also youth centres, culture centres, NGOs in national and international levels.
VšĮ "eMundus" team takes part in various international and national programmes from 2005 years, participated, managed and developed previous Socrates, now Lifelong learning programme’s projects. Through many years created relations and collaboration with different institutions has developed strong co-operation and partnerships all over Europe with educational organisations, associations, research and development centres, culture institutions, public authorities.

 Foundation for development of the cultural and business potential of civil society (Bulgarian partner) - since 2006 FDCBPCS has been involved in a number of EU projects and initiatives, as well as providing consultations and training in spheres such as: Internet-based activities, distance learning approaches integration in school education and VET, culture, art and tourism. FDCBPCS participates in a number of initiatives, connected with provision of training and consultation services for different target groups: teacher/tutors, school administrators, SMEs or persons, willing to start up their own initiatives; NGOs; education and training institutions; public authorities; young adults outside the educational system. FDCBPCS is in cooperation with local authorities and development agencies from all over BG and has been actively involved in the process of local action groups development following the LEADER approach within the framework of the national Program for rural development 2007-2013. FDCBPCS has implemented a successful LLP project "Cultural and peer-learning approaches to integrate socio-economically disadvantaged youth and young adults with an immigrant background, LLP-2009-GRU-LP-14", a project supported by the State Agency for Youth and Sport „Contemporary approaches for art-training - Internet and youth art". FDCBPCS is currently starting the implementation of the “Strengthen Creative Cooperation – Networking between Local Authorities, Non-State Actors and Partners from the South for MDG Campaigning” project, supported by the European Commission under the EuropeAid program as well as the "Innovative approaches for identifying and responding to vocational education and training needs of disadvantaged youth"project under the Operational program "Human resources development".

  EVROPAIKO ERGASTIRIO EKPAIDEYTIKiS TECHNOLOGIAS- (EDUMOTIVA) (Greek partner) - is a not for profit association based in Sparta, Greece. Edumotiva Lab aims at making learning both 'real, meaningful and relevant' for the new generation of students, supporting teachers in developing 21st century teaching skills and carrying out innovative training modules for citizens of all ages. Edumotiva staff has a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds (academics, trainers for adults, teachers, lct in education specialists, Specialists in Intercultural Education, Learning Technologists, Instructional Designers and more); all bound by a shared passion for shaping learning in the digital world, providing meaningful learning opportunities to students of all ages and in participating in projects that bring together education, society, culture and ICT.
Edumotiva maintains close ties with primary, secondary, vocational, high and special schools in the area of Sparti, Lakonia. Sparti (Sparta) is situated in southern Greece and it is a place with great history and rich cultural heritage. Famous historical places and monuments are situated near the modern city of Sparta. Many stories and poems exist about the main river of Lakonia, River Evrotas; on the banks of which Roma are located from time to time bringing their culture, songs and dances. The city itself has many historical buildings and one of the greatest Greek architectural city plan. The area is well known for its agriculture (olives, olive oil) and there are many places of interest (including the museum for olives and olive oil where past and present technology is presenting) about the production of olive oil and many locals have great stories to narrate. Last, there is a great variety of traditional sweets and in accordance to local stories the recipes have their roots in the Medieval years. Today Sparta hosts a significant number of immigrants which follow the Greek Educational Curriculum but they are not providing with opportunities to communicate in a meaningful way their cultural experiences in the classroom and with the local/european community.
Edumotiva is interested in bringing together adults and youth for cultural puproses, developing learning and training resources for achieving this, organise cultural events and sessions, promoting the cultural heritage of the area and setting a basis whereupon European partnership and collaboration for cultural exchange can take place.